Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy Ending [May 31]

Sawry, no big column, no Grand Finally.

Just my heartfelt thanks to my loyal readers (all six of you) and the passersby, as well.

This project was a TON harder than I thought it would be—not so much the writing, but ginning up the ideas. Heck, I even got a short story out of it (May 19). Some of my rejects:

  • How I drum (too technical)
  • The hardest I ever laughed--when I wasn't allowed to  (you hadda be there)
  • Why they should pull back the National Spelling Bee
  • My favorite—and least admired girlfriends
  • The most dumbassed things I've ever done (too long)
  • Women from my past whom I'd love to find
  • Why I love Facebook

I am moving to a new blogsite on Medium. I am going to try to write new drivel every Tuesday (but NOT this one; I need rest!). This space will be kept active for the hordes of you who wish to return to the fold. I appreciate anyone passing on the new info, which I'll list here.

I will also keep the Facebook page up. Here's the link.

I'd love you to try some of my daughter Grace's prose. She is a far better writer than I. Read her in the Temple News. And here is her blog.

And, ultimate thanks to my FPL. Without her, I'd still be myself, just not as whole.

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