Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Turning Japanese

A healthy, heapin' helpin' of Holleran haikus for you today.

Hot ham in deli
Had to try a little taste
Bingo! Lunch today

Mother pushing pram
Thumbs texting, oblivious
Total douchebag, she

"Millionaire" hipster
Dumbass can't do simple math
Says, "Well THAT sucks." Bye

Woman in linen
Pedi paint matched her flip-flops
I was attracted

Cool tune at jazz jam
Fanboy claps on 1 and 3
Threw a stick at him

"Voice" singer screaming
Feeble fireworks, bad pitch
That's earslaughter. Next!

New gal in my life
Says I'm amazing, brilliant
Wants to be friends

Huge guy at Weis*
Can't tuck shirt; stomach hinders
Buys only ice cream

* This is pronounced "Wise's" in coal-country parlance. Ergo, the line is five syllables.

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